Getting Started

The Getting Started section gives you information about where you should begin before developing. Each of the APIs is connected to a JAVA app data simulator, which simulates Cities and Enterprises activity from the node(s). You will first need to obtain a client account before you can start developing.

Contact your "Current, Powered by GE" representative to obtain a client account, which includes the following, before you start developing:
  1. client-id and client-secret to generate client tokens
  2. predix-zone-id for each service
  3. service URLs.

Once you have access to the system, you can start developing solutions utilizing the APIs.

Simulated Data Stream Information

GE Current recommends using the APIs to gather data and run the data simulator application prior to using real data.

Once you have obtained a client account, you can access the data simulator and retrieve simulated data and all relevant parameters in the Intelligent Cities APIs section: Appendix A: Simulated Data for Intelligent Cities Data Simulator.