Get Asset Details

This API provides details on a particular asset.

Request URI {{metadataurl}}/v2/metadata/assets/{assetUid}
Sample Request URI {{metadataurl}}/v2/metadata/assets/CAMERA-STG-HYP1042-CAM-L

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Required? Filter Values
assetUid GE identifier for an asset. Yes For example, CAMERA-STG-HYP1042-CAM-L

Response Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
description String Description of the asset.
properties String Properties of the asset.
Not used
Not used.
The height and width of the image in pixels.
Calculated in degrees. (0-360) '0' is knot or initial value.
assetUid String A unique identifier established by a customer or external resource. For example, CAMERA-STG-HYP1042-CAM-L to identify a camera.
parentAssetUid String A unique identifier assigned to the asset at the top of a hierarchical set of assets, in other words, the parent of a child asset. For example, a node is a parent asset, comprising several child assets such as cameras or microphones.
eventTypes String See the enumeration codes for eventTypes in the Glossary for Intelligent Cities.
Note: Get Media only works when you have access to Situational Awareness.
String See the enumeration codes for mediaType in the Glossary for Intelligent Cities.
assetType String See the enumeration codes for assetType in the Glossary for Intelligent Cities.
coordinates String The GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) for the referenced asset (identified by assetUid), such as 32.711653:-117.157314 to identify where the camera is installed.
status String Status of the asset that is recording the events.
Collecting data.
Not collecting data.
Unknown status.

Sample Response

  "description": "This is a CAMERA",
    "HOMOGRAPHY": "-0.00144262851012974,0.02453062516689878,64.20463131147713,4.028365976010364E-4,-0.006849374117427758,-17.9267206480953,1.23148222457587E-5,-2.093831593825796E-4,-0.5480243058217796",
    "CENTER_GEO_COORDINATE": "32.7116098:-117.1565843",
    "IMAGE_SIZE": "320:640",
    "VIEW": "88.0"
  "assetUid": "CAMERA-STG-HYP1042-CAM-L",
  "parentAssetUid": "NODE-STG-HYP1042",
  "eventTypes": [
  "mediaType": "IMAGE,VIDEO",
  "assetType": "CAMERA",
  "coordinates": "32.711628:-117.156618",
  "status": "ONLINE"