Get Location Details

This API provides details on a particular location.

Request URI {{metadataurl}}/v2/metadata/locations/{locationUid}
Sample Request URI {{metadataurl}}/v2/metadata/locations/LOCATION-STG-323

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Required? Filter Values
id GE identifier for a location. Yes For example, LOCATION-STG-323

Response Parameters

Parameter Data Type Description
locationUid String A unique identifier established by a customer or external resource for a specific location within the monitored area. For example, LOCATION-STG-323.
locationType String See the enumeration codes for locationType in the Glossary for Intelligent Cities.
parentLocationUid String The unique identifier assigned to the parent location comprising the locationUids within the monitored area.
coordinatesType String GEO indicates that the coordinate type is GPS.
coordinates String The GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) for the referenced asset (identified by assetUid), such as 32.711653:-117.157314 to identify the location of the camera.
city, state, country, zip code, timezone, address String Physical location information.

Sample Response

  "locationUid": "LOCATION-UNIQUE-ID",
  "locationType": "PARKING_ZONE",
  "parentLocationUid": null,
  "coordinatesType": "GEO",
  "coordinates": "30.328164456985096:-81.65958708005638,30.32812646376904:-81.65959816387478,30.328148376658532:-81.65970123011935,30.32818656444743:-81.6596900624812",
  "city": "Sleeping Clove",
  "state": "CA",
  "country": "USA",
  "zipcode": "12345",
  "timezone": "PST",
  "address": "1234 Main Street",
  "analyticCategory": {